Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room (Arlington Heights)

These homeowners wanted to combine their dining room and living room into one great room. We installed a new support beam to allow for a seamless layout. We finished the room with new flooring, lighting, cabinets and two separate islands. The customers are thrilled with their their new space!

Bathroom (Long Grove)

This homeowner wanted an "oasis" where she could relax and put a hard day behind her. We kept the existing sunken tub, but completely renovated the rest of the space. Using the finest products, we created a steam shower and installed heated floors and travertine tiles to create a restful room.

Bathroom (Arlington Heights)

This L-shaped 70's-style bathroom sported pink fixtures. The unique shape provided a challenge, but we were able to update it into a classy, calming space that exceeded the homeowner's expectations.